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Mike is Fantastic with the Media . . .

Do you need a hard-hitting and interactive expert?  Do you need an engaging personality who will provide thought-provoking debate for your audience?  Do you need quotes and facts that will help you put together a dynamite article for your publication?  With Mike Domitrz, you get the a leading authority on healthy dating, consent, and sexual assault!

Mike Domitrz -- Author, Speaker, & Media ExpertYou get an author and award-winning speaker who has hundreds of stories and real-life examples to share with you and your audience.  He loves customizing each interview to meet your goals and to fulfill your needs.

Mike understands that the media needs compelling and powerful information which the audience or reader can relate to in a meaningful and/or entertaining fashion.  Consequently, Mike is incredibly flexible ~ from being hilariously funny to providing a serious approach that changes each person's outlook on dating and respect!

Once you tell Mike what you are looking for, he will surpass your expectations.  In fact, he will do everything possible to make your job easier!  Plus, when you bring Mike on a television or radio show, you are entitled to FREE copies of his books for audience giveaways or prizes.

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