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Is Your Campus Looking for a Program that is BOTH Entertaining and Educational?

Do you want a speaker, author, and expert who is going to have your students rolling in the aisles from laughter and then just minutes later have the audience completely mesmerized in silence as he shares his incredible personal experiences?

Mike Domitrz (a leading authority on healthy dating, sexuality, and hooking-up) understands that audiences want to be entertained, especially when discussing such intimate issues. They want a compelling and powerful program that each person can relate to in a meaningful manner. For this reason, Mike takes your students on a journey from hilarious laughter to hard-hitting questions and then provides the answers each student can use in his or her own life.

Males and females from all cultures, backgrounds, sexual orientations, and diverse populations appreciate Mike's sincerity and honesty.  While he presents one of the "cleanest" programs in the country, he holds nothing back.

Through his role-playing with audience members and his portrayal of intriguing characters on stage, Mike turns what is often labeled as a "frustrating" issue into an engaging and thought-provoking event. While most people simply "make their move" on a date, Mike shows a much easier, safer, and more intimate solution to guessing.  Attendees are given skills to instantly use in their own relationships.  Plus, students discover how to appropriately intervene in potentially dangerous situations with their friends (including when alcohol is involved and how to help support survivors).

Colleges & universities constantly praise Mike for the lasting impact he has on their students and on their campus's overall culture. When your students leave Mike's program, they will be telling their friends, "Wow!  I never thought of that stuff before!  I need to completely overhaul my approach to dating and intimacy!"

Get More Than Ever Before!!

When you bring Mike to speak at your college or university, you get multiple presentations (time permitting).  You can have Mike present a keynote speech or convocation for the entire campus AND then have Mike conduct his customized "Train the Trainers" sessions and presentations for select audiences (Residence Life, Peer Educators, Athletes, Greek Life, Student Government, Staff & Administration, and others).  To learn more, click here.

Plus, Mike will help you promote each event on campus. Take advantage of this wonderful opportunity!

Call (800) 329-9390 to learn more.

Great for . . .

  • Campus Activities
  • Residence Life
  • Convocations
  • Fraternities & Sororities
  • Orientation Programming
  • Women's Center & Studies
  • Health & Wellness Centers
  • Peer Education Programs
  • Athletics: NCAA Grant
                     ~ save $500!!

Video Footage of Mike
Speaking to Students

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