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Before you kiss, do you ask? Will it ruin the moment? Will you feel like an idiot? Most people do not ask their partner before engaging in intimacy. Yet, the far majority of individuals love and appreciate being asked first!  Why? Nationally-renown expert and author, Mike Domitrz, shows how “Asking takes away all the pressures and eliminates potential confusion & danger. By giving your partner a choice, you always respect his or her wants.  Plus, its romantic.” 
Mike has been making a difference in the lives of others for over a decade by working with students, parents, educators, athletes, professionals, organizations, and the media throughout the country.  His unique ability to connect with audiences of all ages and demographics results in presentations that are both educational and entertaining.  He has a gift of understanding precisely when to engage your students with his hilarious sense of humor ~ while at the same time knowing the exact moment to draw serious and hard-hitting emotion from each individual.
Audiences have never seen a healthy dating speaker like Mike Domitrz. With Mike, you will NOT get a lecture full of statistics or useless gimmicks. You will get an interactive expert who inspires people to make powerful and life changing decisions!  When Mike is speaking in your area, you won't want to miss it!!
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